Jerrika Hinton

here’s where various people hired me

theatrical                                                             commercial
Greene & Associates                                           TalentWorks
1901 Avenue of the Stars #130                         3500 Olive Ave #1400
Los Angeles CA 90067                                       Burbank, Ca. 91505
310-550-9333                                                      818-953-7850


Scandal                                            Guest Star                           Allison Liddy-Brown, ABC
Bones                                               Guest Star                           Chad Lowe, Fox
Mad Love                                        Guest Star                           Pam Fryman, CBS
Terriers                                           Guest Star                            Michael Zinberg, FX
Lie to Me                                         Guest Star                            Jim Hayman, Fox
Eight Days a Week (pilot)           Series Regular                     Arlene Sanford, CW
Zoey 101                                          Guest Star                            Steve Hoefer, Nickelodeon
Gossip Girl                                      Co-Star                                 Mark Piznarski, CW
Ghost Whisperer                           Co-Star                                 Eric Laneuville, ABC
Everybody Hates Chris                Co-Star                                 Ken Whittingham, CW
Gilmore Girls                                 Co-Star                                 Ken Whittingham, Warner Brothers


The Strangely Normal                  Principal                             J. Hinton, Strangely Normal Prod.
Nutcracker                                      Principal                             John Stimpson, Atmospheric Pictures
The Roommate                              Supporting                          Christian Christiansen, Screen Gems
Broken Angel                                 Supporting                          Aclan Bates, Broken Angel Productions
Rain                                                 Principal                              Craig DiBona, Merv Griffin Entertainment
Sorority Asylum (short)              Principal                              Ben Dynice, Bulletproof Productions
Foreign Soil                                    Supporting                         Uma Soogoor, Big Headz Entertainment
Omar’s Wedding                           Principal                              Paula Sanders, Aunt Bessie Creative Works


Dreaming America                        Principal                             Echo Theatre
Twelfth Night                                 Principal                             Utah Shakespearean Festival
The Frog Prince                             Principal                             Theatre Britain
Chicago                                            Supporting                         Plano Repertory Theatre
Venus                                               Principal                             Greer Garson Theatre
Henry IV                                         Supporting                          Shakespeare Festival of Dallas
Raisin in the Sun                           Principal                              Margo Jones Theatre
The Pain Game                              Principal                              Kitchen Dog Theater


Southern Methodist University:  BFA, Theatre: Cum Laude with Honors in the Liberal Arts


Improvisation                                                David Razowsky, The Second City
Pro Actor Workout – advanced                 Mara Casey, independent coach
Cold Reading                                                 Jeanette O’Connor, Seenwork
Acting for the Camera                                 Clarence Gilyard, SMU
Acting (Shakespeare) – intm & adv         Michael Connolly, SMU
Acting (European Classics)                        Barbara Somerville, SMU
Solo Performance                                         Dr. Rhonda Blair, SMU
Voice                                                               Jim Crawford, SMU
Voice                                                               Patsy Rodenburg, SMU
Movement & Stage Combat                       Bill Lengfelder, SMU

skills & tidbits

Accents/Dialects             Stage Combat                     Loves Battlestar Galactica.
Voiceover                         Dance: Jazz; Street            Curses like a sailor.
Vocal Range: Alto           Playwright                           Is a crafty motherfucker.

commercial conflicts available upon request, ok? ok.